Why nLighten

Who we are

Our founders, Harro Beusker and Chad McCarthy, are both veterans of the European data center industry. Making their vision a reality, they created nLighten as a leading-edge data center platform that combines today’s top-level performance with tomorrow’s sustainability needs. What’s in it for you? Ultra-low latency, the intelligent use of resources, and European data sovereignty.

“nLighten is built around a team of experienced data center professionals, who create a step change in the data center industry. nLighten is a platform of edge data centers, closer to the customer. We aim to take a step change in data center sustainability and bring connectivity to the region. We are Close, Coupled and Connected.”


“By integrating data centers into community energy initiatives, we lay the foundations of a more sustainable digital economy.”


Be a part of the data center (r)evolution. nLighten is the right choice for you if you need to run business applications that create value for you and your stakeholders.
nLighten is a digital infrastructure platform of I Squared Capital, a leading global infrastructure investor.

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