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Environmental Sustainability Statement

Policy Overview

This Environmental Sustainability Statement is applicable to nLighten HQ BV and its affiliates (collectively, the “Company” or “nLighten”).

The data center industry continues to empower the digital transformation of our society. Such growth requires increasing amounts of energy and natural resources and therefore sustainability becomes pivotal in this industry.

nLighten is a European provider of data center solutions. Our data centers are an essential element in the infrastructure that enables the digital marketplace and data storage and distribution. We recognize that by operating and expanding our business, our environmental footprint, including climate change impact, grows and hence requires a more sustainable and responsible manner of delivering services. Our objectives are to:

  • Offer data center solutions that deliver optimized energy productivity and resource efficiency. Our ultimate ambition is to evolve to carbon-neutral data center solutions.
  • Communicate our performance regularly to our stakeholders in a transparent manner.

At nLighten we want to build long-term solutions. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices are key aspects of how nLighten continues to grow its business, engage employees, support customers and minimizes its impacts on the environment.

Environmental Sustainability Ambitions

As part of nLighten’s efforts to create and offer more sustainable data center solutions, we focus on the following actions:

  • Utilize to the fullest extent possible renewable energy for our data centers, with a long-term vision of only using renewable energy.
  • Continue to develop our data center-design towards the ultimate goal enabling the use of 100 % renewable energy as our main and back up energy solution, and to decrease the overall energy consumption.
  • Develop life-cycle management processes of our data centers materials and seek to reuse and recycle wherever possible. Empower and encourage our employees, customers and suppliers to improve resource efficiency in energy and water management, as well as to reduce their waste and carbon footprint.
  • Measure and report key metrics related to progress on our environmental sustainability ambitions for our data centers, with the aim of regularly reporting performance to our stakeholders.

We believe it is vital to keep the energy consumption of our data centers under strict control and seek to follow the highest standards in energy efficiency. To achieve this goal, we are continuously monitoring the market to understand the development of data center energy demand and where necessary we will continue to work together with our customers and suppliers to optimize data center energy consumption efficiency across our data center footprint. This effort includes investments in:

  • power infrastructure to ensure the most efficient and proficient equipment is in place, including cooling systems and energy & temperature reporting hardware;
  • products designed in a way that the key components can be repaired and/or upgraded;
  • metering circuits to monitor energy consumption.