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nLighten Health and Safety Policy


This Health and Safety Policy (“Policy”) is applicable to nLighten HQ BV and its affiliates (collectively, the “Company” or “nLighten”).

At nLighten, we acknowledge our responsibility for protecting the well-being and safety of employees, contractors and visitors. The Company is committed to preventing injury and ill health, eliminating hazards, preventing health and safety risks and providing a safe working environment.

We focus on implementing processes that improve health and safety, including:

  • the provision of resources, information, instruction, training and supervision to achieve a safe working environment
  • the development and maintenance of emergency plans for all our data centers and ensuring equipment and fire certifications are inspected in accordance with a local requirements
  • risk assessment and risk treatment plans
  • removal of unused machinery
  • electrostatic and power guarding program
  • integration of in-depth fire controls
  • restriction of physical access to hazardous zones
  • strict governance of sub-contractors to ensure all activities have been coordinated with site management
  • providing our employees with appropriate equipment to achieve greater protection and prevent occupational injury
  • providing appropriate training to our employees to ensure safe operations of data centers
  • improved ergonomics
  • operate procedures to minimize the risk of spread of infection on the workplace

Each employee, contractor and a visitor has a responsibility to follow safety and health rules and practices and to report accidents, injuries, and unsafe equipment, practices, or conditions. Violence and threatening behavior are not permitted. Any incidents or reports can be submitted to

Employees should report to work in a condition to perform their duties, free from the influence of drugs or alcohol. The use of drugs in the workplace will not be tolerated as the Company is obligated to maintain compliance with applicable national health and safety laws and regulations. At the same time, we recognize that employees who suffer from drug and alcohol dependence can be treated, and we encourage employees to seek professional care and counseling. For initial directive support, the compliance officer can be contacted at

Where appropriate, the Policy extends to third parties including agents, distributors or suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors with access to our offices or data centers. Please direct any questions about this Policy to