The data center
“near me”

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nLighten is a digital infrastructure platform. We operate edge data centers distributed across several European key economic hubs. These allow excellent low latency network access for local industry, private users and the mobile workforce.

nLighten – your proximity partner

When we refer to proximity, our scope extends beyond mere geographical convenience. We have built an edge data center infrastructure that’s specifically designed to support colocation and applications requiring minimal latency.

nLighten’s edge data centers are situated in prime locations – in close proximity to our clients and their customers, to employees who work remotely and to our strategic partners.

Our clients gain access to the most comprehensive edge infrastructure network throughout Europe. This platform fosters a bustling ecosystem for local businesses, content distribution, network connections and cloud solutions.

At nLighten, we support them all with high-availability facilities that are tailored to local requirements. At nLighten, we’re big enough to offer the next-generation infrastructure platform, yet agile enough to respond fast – and locally – to meet your specific needs.

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