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France is the second largest country in the EU in terms of population and gross domestic product, but also the fourth largest economy in the world in terms of exports. The country has a number of economic and technological centers such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Sophia-Antipolis, Toulouse and Bordeaux, which are inspired by great entrepreneurial creativity. The economy is characterised by several features, including a strong telecommunications services sector and a strong advanced industrial sector focused on industries such as automotive, aerospace, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The state also plays an important role in the French economy, as it is the owner or shareholder of many companies and a major employer. The French economy is innovative and develops many new technologies. A lot is being invested in digital infrastructure and research and development to drive digitalisation forward.

With nLighten, we are participating in an organisation to build a European market leader and at the same time writing a new page in the history of Euclyde. We are now a major player in France and have the resources of nLighten to accelerate our ambition to cover the whole of France and strengthen our position as market leader in France.

Anwar Saliba · Managing Director France

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nLighten Headquarters France

49, rue Emile Hugues
06600 Antibes Sophia Antipolis

Phone +33 (0)4 89 84 84 84
Email FR@nLighten.eu