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The United Kingdom is the sixth largest economy in the world and one of the most diversified. The country’s economic strength is based on strong service, industrial and financial sectors. The UK’s financial industry is one of the largest in the world and a key driver of the country’s digitization.

London in particular is a world-leading center for financial services. However other parts of the UK including Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol are becoming important economic hubs which rely on edge data centers for continued growth. The digital economy is a key growth driver for the UK economy and accounts for an increasingly large share of GDP and new jobs creation. Considerable investment is being made in the expansion of broadband and mobile networks, and nationwide coverage with broadband and 5G is excellent.

Through the integration of our UK data centers with nLighten’s pan-European capacity, we are establishing the leading platform for regional edge data centers in Europe.

John Hall · Managing Director UK

Bringing our UK edge portfolio into the nLighten Group optimises European and UK customer options for regional edge services without barriers.

John Craig · Finance Director UK

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