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Colocation Services

Colocation is the best way to outsource the security and management of your IT infrastructure by leasing space, equipment and services in a data center. A little like a block of flats or a condominium, with both private and shared areas or resources. At nLighten, we also offer you a colocation area comprising all you need for your connectivity – whether you’re a start-up or a global enterprise.

Your cabinets are fitted with 100% rated A and B power feeds, so everything keeps running even if there’s a power or plant outage. We also ensure resilient infrastructure that meets ASHRAE A1 standards. All whitespace areas are CCTV monitored and provide power metering at rack level. There’s a DCIM online portal service for the real-time monitoring of your energy consumption and environmental conditions from the comfort of your own office (or anywhere else) – and a 24/7 help line for when you need assistance from a real person.

At nLighten, we provide you with securely accessed colocation space. Our pre-defined modular aisle and services containment system ensures fast deployment for your hardware and is scalable, to grow alongside your business.

With a private cabinet in an nLighten colocation space, you have the freedom and flexibility to configure your infrastructure the way you want it.

At nLighten, our standard and secure 19-inch cabinets are 600 mm (24 inches) wide and can be up to 1200 mm (48 inches) deep. In some sites each lockable cabinet can have a maximum power density up to 15 kW on a raised floor and 20 kW on a concrete floor (higher density on request).

Our data centers offer both raised floor and concrete floor rackable areas. Planning a large, high-density deployment? Our concrete floor areas are ideal for your needs, allowing air-cooled power density of 20kW+ per cabinet and hyperscaler standard distribution systems.

nLighten also offers configurable, high-security cages to fit your specific requirements for your sensitive applications that need extra protection. A private cage provides you with an extra level of security within the data center and brings extra benefits. These include a local data ecosystem with best-in-class connectivity and energy infrastructure, with reduced capex investment.

What sets us apart ...

Conditioned power

(Up)time is money. With nLighten, you can be sure we’ll keep your systems and applications running. Our colocation services can come with 100% rated A and B power feeds to all cabinets as standard. Plus: all cabinets are supported by UPS power conditioners with battery backup. Our modular plug and play infrastructure assemblies are completely standard and provide rapid expansion at linear cost.

Cooling and humidity

Our resilient cooling and humidity infrastructure maintains temperature and humidity levels that comply with the class A1 allowable ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) technical committee 9.9 guidelines 2021.

For high-performance computing (HPC) applications, we can also provide direct-to-chip cooling systems.

Need more info on these? Feel free to contact us to discuss your high-density requirements.

Fire detection and suppression systems

In our range of security features and solutions, one of the most important is our toolset for minimizing fire risk. Our certified fire detection and suppression systems include a very early smoke detection and alarm system (VESDA), additional point detection, and state-of-the-art fire suppression systems in all customer and critical plant areas.

Innovation in sustainability.

nLighten data centers are monitored around the clock with secure access control of visitors. Our network operations center (NOC) is also available 24/7 to support you if there are any incidents outside office hours. If you’re a registered customer, nLighten offers you the convenience of access to our data centers at any time with the relevant ID and security passes.

Need to make a delivery to our loading bay? No problem – just book a time slot by email or phone. nLighten loading bays are protected by customer card, identification access control, and digital video camera surveillance. That all helps to keep your IT infrastructure secure.

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