A step change in data center operations,
designed for future generations.

A step change in data center operations,
designed for future generations.

A step change in data center operations, designed for future generations.

close. coupled. connected.

The nLighten edge data center platform, in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain, offers a unique value proposition to both enterprise and edge use cases. Being represented in four of Europe’s core data center markets, we are taking another step towards our goal of creating a leading pan-European edge data center platform.

What sets us apart ...


Proximity and

Our edge is your edge. Minimizing latency and bringing colocation and your data closer to you. Ensuring maximum accessibility & availability for your IT systems and data.


Innovation in sustainability.

nLighten is committed to continuous improvement in sustainability and implementing innovative solutions. Our vision is for our data centers to be increasingly coupled to the energy sector, seeking to recover heat for the local community and stabilize the grid, using energy increasingly from onsite renewable generation.


Ecosystem marketplace.

A whole ecosystem of national and international carriers and service providers deliver low-latency and connectivity to the region, to and between sites, to enterprise customers, to end-users within milliseconds across Europe.

nLighten edge data centers across Europe ...

In the heart of Europe’s digital revolution, a new era is dawning. We are continuously expanding our edge data center platform across Europe, shaping the digital transformation.

Meet us at ...

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Edge Computing Summit

20 June 2024 / Berlin, DE

Join us for the largest edge computing event in DACH and learn how you can connect your organisation to an edge-enabled world! Our CTO, Chad McCarthy, will be speaking on the topic “Measuring synergies – quantifying the impact of sector coupling on decarbonisation” on 20th June, 4:00-4:30 pm CET or meet us at our booth.

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Summer, sun, security

04 July 2024 / Berlin, DE

Let’s meet at the KAEMI Summer Festival 2024 and learn all about “NIS-2 & the requirements for your own data center infrastructure” during Jens Kilian’s presentation.

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