Press Releases

nLighten expands throughout Europe
Strategic Acquisition of seven Edge Data Centers from EXA Infrastructure will open new markets for nLighten in Belgium, Switzerland and Spain and expands its footprint in France, the UK and the Netherlands
nLighten expands into the Netherlands
nLighten acquires Gyro Center and enters the Dutch market
nLighten expands to the UK
Proximity’s network of high-performance edge data centers will extend nLighten’s presence to the UK
nLighten expands to France
nLighten signs agreement to acquire Euclyde Data Centers, a leading regional platform in France
nLighten city of Eschborn
nLighten signs letter of intent with city of Eschborn and GIZ for heat reuse from a data center
nLighten Launch
nLighten launches edge data center platform for businesses in Germany

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